Friday, March 15, 2013

Video fun

This weekend is the Denver St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Denver. It's always a blast marching in this parade. I'll be getting some great photos and videos of the parade this year. If you're in Denver, check it out on Saturday, March 16, kickoff is 10 AM.

Here is a quick look at past parades:

And as long as we are viewing videos, here is a quick clip of other trooping fun:


  1. The Star Wars guys should've changed their outfits to green to go with the holiday! :D

  2. Great comment Tony- I was almost thinking the same- although at the same time enough of a geek to not want anything but the pure troopers... Great videos and teasers of the parade and troop itself! -Lisa

  3. I'm glad you both liked them. We usually add some green bling to our kits for the parade. The braver among us don the kilts, too. :D

    - Bill